Division/Department:Division of Physical Activity and Health Promotion Sciences of the University School of Physical Education

Subject and scope of tests:

We carry out tests using:
  • European Test of Physical Fitness for children and youths (strength, endurance, agility and motor co-ordination),
  • specialist hand and leg dynamometers to measure muscle strength,
  • posturographic platform to measure postural stability (analysis of risk of falls and disturbed body balance)
  • Vienna system of psychomotor tests to measure motor co-ordination, reaction time and correctness (analysis of the ability of proper reaction to various stimuli).
The Division offers preparation to physical activity programmes focused in particular on the need to improve physical fitness and body posture, prevention and therapy of obesity carried out in individual classes in various conditions.

For whom the tests are intended: The programmes and measurements are focused on the needs of children, youths, adults, the elderly, and athletes and take into consideration specific requirements of various professions and needs of all those interested in their physical and psychomotor fitness.

Terms of co-operation: to be agreed

Contact person:
associate professor of the University Janusz Maciaszek, PhD,
phone: +48 61 835 52 14

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