Division/Department: Division of Biomechanics of the University School of Physical Education

biomech lab

Subject and scope of tests:
  1. Tests of muscle strength level in static and dynamic conditions (isokinetics), Concentric or eccentric work – of representative muscle groups (Biodex System3).
  1. Tests of muscle strength level in static and quasi-static conditions on measurement stations equipped in momentometers (JBA Zb. Staniak, Poland).
  1. Dynamic tests on dynamometric platforms:
  • tests of dynamic loads (KISTLER dynamometric platforms),
  • tests of lower and upper limb and body power, jumping ability tests (Counter Movement Jump, Squat Jump),
  • load tests (ground reaction force) in any activities.
  1. Tests of stability (postural stability) in static and dynamic conditions in a number of measurement systems:
  • in static conditions (AMTI platforms, KISTLER platforms),
  • in dynamic conditions (Biodex Balance platform).
  1. Tests of foot pressure foot distribution:
  • in static conditions (midi Capteurs, System Foot Scan RSScan),
  • in dynamic conditions – walking (System Foot Scan RSScan).
  1. Comprehensive analysis of biomechanics of walking:
  • analysis of kinematics (technique) of walking (8 camera BTS Smart D System),
  • analysis of strengths generated in support phases of feet, crutches, walking sticks etc. (2 dynamometric AMTI platforms),
  • neuromuscular co-ordination analysis (electric muscle activity) of representative muscle groups (multi-channel telemetric Noraxon System).

Persons interested in undergoing tests are required to present a doctor’s certificate confirming the lack of contraindications to take part in the tests. 

Terms of co-operation: to be agreed

phone: +48 61 835 53 92, +48 61 835 53 93

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